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Scoop Hill

Current Status

Following the submission of the Section 36 planning application in November 2020, Community Windpower have now submitted Additional Information for Scoop Hill Community Wind Farm following its redesign.

Extensive and iterative discussions with consultees and the local community have taken place, which have led to a number of revisions to the proposed development. Initially submitted as a 75-turbine scheme, Scoop Hill Community Wind Farm will now consist of 60 turbines and a battery storage facility. This removal of 15 turbines is equivalent to a reduction of 20% of the original proposal. The changes to the proposed development also include a reduction in the tip heights of four turbines to the south of the scheme.

In addition to the reduction in the number of turbines, the revised wind farm design also incorporates the following changes:

  • Reduction and refinements to internal access tracks;
  • Removal of two borrow pits (N1 & N4) and relocation of three borrow pits (N6, N7 &N8);
  • Removal of one temporary construction compound located within Wamphray Water valley, south of Braefield;
  • Removal of three satellite battery storage facilities, as there will be one main storage facility located on the temporary construction compound adjacent to the main substation.

Site Location

Scoop Hill Community Wind Farm is located in Dumfries and Galloway, approximately 5km south east of Moffat.

Environmental Benefits

Scoop Hill Community Wind Farm will employ the latest modern wind turbine technology to create an optimised, efficient and productive site. This means the proposed development would contribute towards achieving Scotland’s renewable energy and climate change targets by producing enough electricity to power 454,000 homes annually and would offset more than 735,000 tonnes of CO2 per annum which equates to 29.4 million tonnes during its 40-year operational life – compared to fossil fuel mixed electricity generation.

The proposed wind farm would be a significant contribution towards meeting Scotland’s renewable energy and climate change targets, including the reduction of carbon emissions of 70% by 2030 and the net-zero target for 2045.

Economic Benefits

Scoop Hill Community Wind Farm will provide community benefits during the lifetime of the wind farm. The community benefits funding will be £5,000 per MW, as recommended by the Scottish Government guidance.

The proposed wind farm development will also create new employment opportunities and support local businesses through Community Windpower’s ‘Buy Scottish’ policy. We anticipate this to generate over 250 construction jobs.

Further Information

Community Windpower would like to thank everyone who attended the public exhibitions held in Johnstonebridge, Boreland, Moffat and Beattock in August 2023. Moffat and District Community Council have organised a public meeting to discuss proposed wind farm developments in the local area. Community Windpower will be providing information on our Scoop Hill Community Wind Farm, please come along to find out more and ask any questions. For more information on the meeting please click here.

If you were unable to attend any of these events, please visit our online virtual exhibition to see the information that was available on the day.

For more information and to access the EIAR and AI documents, please visit the Scoop Hill website at, or the Energy Consents Unit portal and search using the reference number ECU00000533.

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