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Current Status

The Sanquhar Community Wind Farm became operational in March 2018 in partnership with Nestle UK and Ireland. The scheme, consisting of nine turbines generates 31.05MW of clean, green and locally sourced energy.

Site Location

The wind farm is located on Black Hill approximately 7km south west of Sanquhar and 5km south west of Kirkconnel. 

Environmental Benefits

Sanquhar Community Windfarm displaces over 34,000 tonnes of harmful CO2 every year, and produces enough energy to power half of Nestle UK and Ireland's factories, offices and warehouses.

Community Benefits

As part of the Sanquhar Community Wind Farm, £150,000 is provided in community benefit funding which is administered by the Upper Nithsdale Development Trust. Any local community groups wishing to apply for funding should visit the trust's website

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