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Faw Side

Current Status

CWL are pleased to announce that a Section 36 planning application for Faw Side Community Wind Farm was issued to the Energy Consents Unit in May 2019. The application seeks permission for up to 45 turbines, with a generating capacity of 315 MW.   

Project Information

The current design for Faw Side Community Wind Farm consists of 45 wind turbines. Of these, 40 turbines will be 200m to tip, with the remaining 5 turbines being 179.5m to tip. This design was amended from the scoping proposal by reducing the amount of turbines from 49 to 45, and reducing the tip heights of five turbines to reduce visual impacts from key receptors. The proposal also includes an energy storage facility to improve grid stability and benefit renewable electricity production.  

The proposed wind farm would make a significant contribution towards meeting Scotland’s renewable energy and climate change targets. Further information regarding Faw Side Community Wind Farm can be found on the project specific website:

Site Location

Faw Side Community Wind Farm is located on the border of Dumfries and Galloway and Scottish Borders, approximately 6.7km north of Langholm and 17.8km south west of Hawick.

Environmental Benefits

The proposed development will employ the latest modern wind turbine technology to create an optimised, efficient and productive site. As a result, Faw Side Community Wind Farm would contribute towards achieving Scotland’s renewable energy and climate change targets by producing enough electricity to power over 328,400 homes annually and would offset over 571,000 tonnes of CO2 per annum which equates to 22.8 million tonnes during its 40 year operational life. 

The proposal will provide a significant contribution to the Scottish net-zero emissions target for 2045 and UK target for 2050, in addition to the Scottish renewable energy target of 100% equivalent.  

Economic Benefits

Faw Side Community Wind Farm will provide community benefit funding during the lifetime of the wind farm. In addition, the developer will look to invest in the development of community assets with local communities, such as broadband and electric vehicle charging points. The proposed wind farm development will also create new employment opportunities and support local businesses through Community Windpower’s ‘Buy Scottish’ Policy. Further details on this can be seen here.

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