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World heading into climate change 'uncharted territory', say scientists

Hottest March

Data showed that March 2024 was the world’s warmest March on record, which has caused alarm bells to ring for NASA scientist Dr Gavin Schmidt. Dr Schmidt argues that, if El Niño temperatures do not abate, parts of the world could enter a new phase of accelerated climate change.

“By the end of the summer, if we’re still looking at record breaking temperatures in the North Atlantic or elsewhere, then we really have kind of moved into uncharted territory,” Dr Schmidt told BBC News.

The latest El Niño phenomenon started to develop in May 2023 and strengthened rapidly by October 2023, which caused temperatures to soar and scientific predictions to flounder. Climate scientists are trying to ascertain why 2023 was dramatically warmer, with a split forming between those who believe we have entered a new phase of climate change, and those who do not.

Despite this split, one area of consensus is everlasting: that the way to slow global warming is to rapidly cut emissions of greenhouse gases.

Dr Angélique Melet from Mercator Ocean International says: “If we don’t act, we are committing ourselves towards a future where 2023 will be the new normal. How fast will that happen? It depends on us.”

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