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Working Partnership and Patronage continues with North Ayrshire Foodbank - 24th September

Presentation to Craig Crosthwaite

Community Windpower Ltd are delighted to continue their Patronage and Working Partnership with the North Ayrshire Foodbank. Based in Ardrossan, the NA Foodbank covers the whole of North Ayrshire providing “emergency food for local people in a crisis”.

Through this partnership, the NA Foodbank have received funding of £12,000 directly fromCommunity Windpower Ltd (CWL), a local company who own and operate the Dalry and Millour Hill Community Wind Farms located to the north of Dalry, in North Ayrshire.

As part of this, CWL have become a Patron of the local charity which thereby provides them with a long term commitment and support for the future. This in turn helps the Project Coordinator, Mr Craig Crosthwaite and his team of volunteers not only with their daily work, but provides security and stability for the vital service they provide to vulnerable people and families living in North Ayrshire.

Craig Crosthwaite, North Ayrshire Foodbank Coordinator stated:

The sustainability of an organisation is down to three components – the vision to respond to a need, galvanising community action around that need, and attracting resources to sustain the community action.

This donation from Community Windpower Limited is the third component that will ensure the Foodbank succeeds in its mission of reducing hunger for those in crisis. This is particularly important when 1 in 5 children in Scotland currently go to bed hungry”.

Mr Crosthwaite continued:

Having a firm commitment and long term support from a local company is invaluable and it is important that this is recognised. With this contribution, the NA Foodbank can look to strengthen and expand its service for local people in North Ayrshire at a time when it is needed most – it’s a lifeline for everyone currently in a crisis”.

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