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Wind power helping Dunbar to be brighter in winter

Dunbar Winter Lights

Dunbar’s Corn Exchange and the winter lights are two recipients of funding through a community benefit fund from Community Windpower’s Aikengall II Community Wind Farm.

Both will benefit from more than £3,000 each to help ensure the winter lights can be extended to the harbour and the Corn Exchange can be refurbished.

The refurbishments will mean the winter and Christmas lights can be stored safely in the Corn Exchange, and allow the team of volunteers the space to work on the lights throughout the year.

The community benefit money from Community Windpower is being managed and distributed by Dunbar Community Council.

Pippa Swan, Chair of Dunbar Community Council, said: “It’s brilliant that we can use the funding from Community Windpower to quickly support causes in Dunbar that benefit so many people.

“The Christmas lights and winter lights are a huge benefit for the town, adding valuable visitor numbers and interest.

“Dunbar’s Christmas lights team give up hours of their time every week during the year to ensure all the lights are ready to dazzle the town in the winter months.

“But they need more space to work on the lights and, with new lights to help extend the experience for everyone down to the harbour, urgent work was needed on the Corn Exchange.

“Now, thanks to wind power and Community Windpower’s generosity, we can help fund this and many more projects.”

Aikengall II Community Wind Farm, which is located in the Lammermuir Hills, generates enough electricity for about 40,000 homes and displaces around 68,700 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year.

It helps provide the £50,000 community benefit fund to Dunbar Community Council every year.

Diane Wood, community benefits director at Community Windpower said: “We are really pleased to see this funding to Dunbar Community Council, start to benefit the community of Dunbar.

“This money is part £300,000 of community benefit funding that Aikengall II provides to the local area each year, providing significant support to local people and organisations.

“We’re looking forward to working with everyone at the community council in the coming months and years, to make the best use of the money.”

Separately, funding from the Aikengall Wind Farms supports the fantastic work the BeGreen Energy Advice Centre in Dunbar carries out every year, including helping people access services and grant funding related to energy efficiency.

The BeGreen shop is open between Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday each week, from 9am-1pm, and Cathleen Anderson will be available to offer advice on energy saving, renewable top up funding and other funding. 

However, due to Covid-19 the shop is currently only accessible by calling 01368 863720 or by emailing

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