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Wild Oyster Project School trip for St. Palladius Primary School

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St. Palladius Primary School has received a £130 grant to assist in the funding of a school trip to the Wild Oyster Project in Largs Yacht Haven on Wednesday 27th of April.

The Wild Oyster Project is a 3 year partnership between ZSL (Zoological Society of London), Blue Marine Foundation and British Marine, that aims to help restore healthy, resilient coastal waters around the UK. Largs Yacht Haven was selected as one of two locations suitable on the Firth of Clyde and 1,300 native oysters have been reintroduced into the waters.

Native oysters provide enormous benefits to the oceans by filtering out pollutants from the sea and providing marine habitat. However, oysters have witnessed a 95% population decline due to human activity. This conservation and restoration project is therefore extremely important to the health of the oceans. The conservation project has nurseries that provide an excellent micro habitat for oysters to grow and reproduce and are projected to release millions of offspring back into sea in the months ahead.

This school trip will provide an invaluable practical educational experience for school pupils that many pupils will not have experienced since the Covid pandemic began in 2020. The trip has the potential to inspire future generations towards a scientific career as the trip will allow pupils to get hands-on experience in building scientific skills and get a taste of what it takes to work in marine conservation.  The trip will also teach pupils about the environment and the importance of environmental protection, conservation and restoration.

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