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'Walk the Footpaths of Spott' with Community Windpower


In 2022, CWL provided a grant of £9,000 to Spott Community Association to assist with their ambitious ELC Core Footpath 40 restoration project. The footpath, which is part of a 3.39km circular walk between Dunbar and Spott, had fallen into a state of disrepair in recent years, with boggy areas and overgrown banks impeding its accessibility and beauty.

Notably, a bridge over a stream had also been almost entirely washed away. Spott Community Association aimed to replace the bridge and construct an elevated walkway over the stream and boggy areas and undertake general maintenance and beautification of the path itself. Ultimately, they aimed to improve access to nature and encourage both new and old walkers to visit this path.

Community Windpower were delighted to provide this grant last year, as nature, sustainability, and enjoyment of the outdoors are very important to us. Construction is now complete, and we recently received photos showing the new sturdy bridge which will allow walkers to traverse the stream and bogs with ease. On the 3rd September, a ‘Walk the Footpaths of Spott’ event was held to celebrate the re-opening of the Core Footpath 40. The stunning one-hour walk was organised by Spott Community Association as part of East Lothian WalkFest 2023.

Anouska Woods, Community Coordinator at BeGreen Dunbar, said: “Everyone at CWL and BeGreen are thrilled that this project is now complete, and the recent event was such a success that it shows the path will be used by many, for many years to come!”

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