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University of Chester alumni head back for yearly practical lecture

Chester Uni GIS

For several years, Community Windpower (CWL) and The University of Chester have had a strong relationship that has helped to encourage students to take their first step into the renewable energy industry, with CWL having taken on many graduates from the University over the years.

Each year, the Projects Team have provided a presentation and GIS-based practical for students in the Geography and Environment Department at The University of Chester. Not only do CWL staff inform students on the development process of renewable energy projects, as well as providing a background into the company, but they also give advice and answer any questions about getting started in the renewable energy industry. At the beginning and end of the session, contact details and links to social media were provided, where students were invited to contact the staff with any questions they may have. This year, Rebecca Elliott (Senior Project Manager) and Grace Ward (Project Assistant) travelled to the University to present the session. Both were previously students at the University and themselves studied the GIS module.

The morning started with a presentation summarising the work that is involved with the development of wind farm projects, providing students with a glimpse of what it takes to work on the Projects Team at CWL. Firstly, a general overview of the company was presented, followed by a detailed insight into each stage of the site development process, focusing on how GIS plays a major role. This part of the presentation enabled students to understand what is to come with the practical that follows. Before the practical began, a short Q&A ensued, with some really perceptive questions about the advancement of turbine technology and how that will impact already existing wind farms.

The practical involved a quickened process of a new site selection project, with students given a map of Scotland, and instructed to find the best possible site for turbines to be located. The students had to use their existing GIS knowledge to add, merge, and buffer data in order to grasp a detailed overview of the area. Then, turbines were placed in the most feasible places, taking into account the information from the presentation and some of the key constraints to avoid. Both Rebecca and Grace helped the students and taught them some new skills that can be applied elsewhere, including their university assignments.

The practical has deemed very beneficial in the past, having provided students with experience that has allowed them to apply for a graduate roles within the industry, including at CWL. The advice and knowledge that is presented throughout the session has had wonderful feedback over the years, with many students finding it helpful to see what routes can be taken with their GIS experience.

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