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UK installs over 2GW of wind power in 2023, EU installs 17GW

UK vs EU

2023 was the year that the UK and the EU marked some significant milestones in renewable energy capacity and generation. In the EU, over 17 gigawatts (GW) of new wind power (14GW on and 3GW offshore) was installed; throughout the year, one fifth of the EU’s electricity mix was from wind.

Renewables are charging ahead in Europe, with EU nations such as Poland and Slovakia calling time on coal and phasing out fossil fuel generation. This is part of a wider decarbonisation effort by the EU, with the European Green Deal directing their ambition to be the first climate-neutral continent by 2050.

In the UK, however, progress isn’t as aggressive. On one hand, the addition of 2GW of wind power in 2023 is worth praising as it shows the industry bouncing back after the economic turbulence brought by Covid-19 and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Highlights include the switching-on of the Scottish offshore Seagreen Wind Farm (1.1GW) and the first phase of the Dogger Bank Wind Farm being brought online too, as well as large onshore wind farms like South Kyle in Scotland (240MW) becoming operational.

The UK’s pipeline of wind projects is also laudable, with 11.3GW in the development pipeline in Scotland and a total of 100GW in the UK offshore wind pipeline. This includes projects at every stage of development, including operational, under construction, consented, or in planning. However, developers are relying on the government to build a supportive political and economic environment for these development pipelines and proposals to come to fruition.

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