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Triumphant return of the Dalry Primary residential to Arran


As Covid-19 restrictions loosen around the world, life is finally getting back to normal, and fifty-one P7 pupils recently embarked on their yearly residential trip to Arran Outdoor Centre on the Isle of Arran. It was an incredibly valuable week for the children within the wider school calendar, as it provided them with an opportunity to encourage new friendships, appreciate and spend time in nature, and develop their knowledge of the real world.

As the trip began, the children were split up into teams so they could have a tailored, personal experience delivered to them by a qualified instructor. A sense of independence and responsibility was immediately instilled within them, as the children were expected to be responsible for their living and sleeping areas throughout the week, and the upkeep of the kit that they took with them on activities.

There was a huge range of things to experience throughout the week: hill walking and wildlife exploring, geocaching, abseiling, nighttime orienteering, and wall climbing. The residential trip also contributed to their John Muir Award, an initiative that promotes a love of wild spaces and the global environment. Aside from these activities, the children also had some social and leisure time with their friends, both new and old, which boosted their emotional well-being and mental health throughout the week. It was a thoroughly rewarding week and a brilliant way to start the new school year.

As communities within the UK grapple with a cost-of-living crisis, it is more important than ever that the Community Windpower community benefit funds, from our operational wind farms on the west coast of Scotland, are supporting families and making trips such as this affordable. This grant alleviates a little of the current economic pressure on the families in our host communities, meaning their children can enjoy an exciting week without worrying about the costs involved. 

Pete Boustead, Educational Ranger at Community Windpower, said: “We were delighted to support Dalry Primary School with the funding necessary to make this trip a reality once again. It is a very special week for the children, and it shows how valuable outdoor learning is to their physical, mental, and emotional development. We are thrilled that the children thoroughly enjoyed their week away and we wish them the best for the rest of the year.”

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