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Trip to view Ancient Greece artefacts for St Palladius Primary pupils

Pete and Pupils

The St Palladius Primary School P6class topic this term is Ancient Greece and they recently enjoyed a trip to view the Ancient Greek artefacts housed at Glasgow Museums Resource Centre.

While at the Glasgow Museums Resource Centre, pupils had the opportunity to view ancient artefacts as well as participate in an engaging workshop that provided a range of activities including trying out an Archimedes screw.

Moreover, the P6 class had the chance to view the Burrell Collection, which is an internationally significant art collection and includes many Ancient Greek artefacts.

Community Windpowe were delighted to assist in the funding of this interactive educational school trip with a £245 donation to help cover the costs of the trip for St. Palladius Primary School.

Pete Boustead, Educational Ranger at Community Windpower said, “This hands-on interactive day out for this class helps reinforce the theoretical knowledge of Ancient Greece that pupils have learned over the past term with a fun day out and getting to see these world renowned artefacts for themselves.

“Everyone had a fantastic time, and we look forward to helping towards many more important school trips in the future”.


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