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St Mary's School pupils learn about renewable energy processes at Aikengall Wind Farm! - 28th June


On Monday, pupils from St Mary’s School in Melrose were taken on a guided tour of Aikengall Community Wind Farm by our Operations Director Steve, Operations Manager Matthew, and BeGreen Dunbar’s Energy Advisor David. The trip allowed the pupils to walk right up to the turbines, including a rare visit into the inside of one of the turbines.

The pupils were visiting the nearby Torness Power station as well as Aikengall as part of their physics topic on energy resources and energy transfer, where they got a deeper insight into renewable and non-renewable energy generation processes.

Steve Ikin, our Operations Director said “I was pleasantly surprised at the knowledge the students had with regards the renewable energy and the impact of non-renewable energy on the environment…We hope the students left our wind farm knowing how important renewable energy is in the future of their planet, this is their future!”.

Community Windpower and BeGreen Dunbar are delighted that the pupils all enjoyed their trip and the experience of seeing a wind turbine up close.

For St. Mary’s School press release from their day, please click here.

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