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Scottish Ministers Approve 75.5 MW of Clean, Green Energy - 21st October

Aikengall II

Community Windpower Ltd (CWL) is delighted to announce that Aikengall IIa Community Wind Farm, situated on the border of East Lothian and Scottish Borders has been consented by Scottish Ministers. 

The 19 turbine scheme will have a total generating capacity of 75.5 megawatts (MW) and will provide over £9.4 million in Community Benefit funding over the operational lifetime of the wind farm for local communities. 

The Aikengall IIa project represents a significant investment of £120 million and the decision to give consent to the scheme also allows us to continue our commitment to our ‘Buy Scottish’ policy.  This ensures inward investment to the Scottish economy and supports the creation of over 100 jobs in the construction and supply industry.

Rod Wood, Managing Director at Community Windpower said: “We are delighted with the news that our Aikengall IIa project has been consented.  We have worked with many Scottish companies through our recent projects and we are committed to continue our investment in the Scottish economy.

Today’s ComRes Poll confirms that 80% of Scots back onshore wind.  With the demise of the RO, investment in onshore wind generation will have to rely on a new route to market and we urge the Industry to work with the Scottish Government to develop a competitive Industry supplying electricity within UK and Europe”.

CWL have a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with CS Wind UK of Campbeltown for the supply of towers from their steel tower fabrication plant.  Towers are being manufactured at Campbeltown for our Sanquhar and Sneddon Law wind farms.

Lesley Black, Sales & Marketing Manager at CS Wind UK said “Aikengall IIa means around 12 weeks work for the factory at current capacity and supports the 165 jobs directly at the factory - as well as many other local businesses supporting our supply chain”.

The wind farm will displace over 99,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO₂) each year, equating to over 2.4 million tonnes of CO₂ over its operational lifetime. 

The three wind farms at Aikengall will comprise a total of 54 wind turbines generating 180 MW of clean, green energy; a significant contribution towards the Scottish Government’s renewable energy targets

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