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Scotland poised to lead the way for green growth.

Green Growth Index

New analysis from the Green Growth Index, produced by Oxford Economics and Lloyds Banking Group, highlights that at least £1.4 trillion is expected to be spent on the move to a low carbon economy and renewable energies between 2020 and 2050.The growing green industry is forecast to create up to 2.5 million jobs in the same timeframe.

The index considers existing foundations of the green industry in each region and innovation activities, related skills, training and proposed renewable energy infrastructure to determine ‘green growth opportunity’ scores for each region. Scoring ranges from 0 to 100, a score of 50 is equivalent to the UK average.

Scotland boasts by far the highest score in the index, having a green growth opportunity score of 80.6, putting the region well ahead of second placed Wales on 63.5. The new report highlights the magnitude of the differences these between regions of the county on their net zero transitions.

Scotland’s is tipped to secure the opportunities that arise from a net zero transition, largely due to its green employment base. The region also has a mature green training community, which has been boosted by a new series of energy training academies.

The report comes at an interesting and important time in the lead up to the 2021 COP26, hosted by Glasgow in November. During this critical year there is a need to ensure that the actions coming out of the summit are relevant to all the UK nations and regions and the index helps highlight the current baseline for each area.

To conclude, the research shows signs that the UK’s green economy is starting to take shape, every region has its own narrative, but each have an important role in transitioning to a green economy.

Image Credit: Oxford Economics

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