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Scale Up BP health campaign receives Covid-19 crisis fund support

We recently received an application to Community Windpower and BeGreen Dunbar’s Covid-19 crisis fund asking to support a health campaign called Scale Up BP (Blood Pressure).

The campaign is run by The Harbours Medical Practice in East Lothian, and is aiming to reduce the number of heart attacks and strokes for patients most at risk.

As part of the initiative, patients in Prestonpans, Port Seton, Cockenzie and Longniddry receive a blood pressure monitor and are regularly texted reminders to text back their readings to the medical practice.

The practices and medical practitioners then receive reports via email on each patient and can monitor any changes to help reduce the risk of serious medical incidents in a patient.

A grant of £1,500 has been provided to the practice to purchase 100 monitors, which will increase the number of people with medical conditions who can be observed closely from home.

And the monitors will not only be used by The Harbours Medical Practice, but be made available for other GP practices in the region.

This remote monitoring can help detect when patients need medical support after a research showed that this method of observation support improves blood pressure control and reduces the numbers of heart attacks and strokes.

While there is NHS funding for this type of equipment, with the Covid-19 pandemic it has led to a shortfall due to increased need elsewhere in the health service.

Diane Wood, community benefits director at Community Windpower, which operates the Aikengall Community Wind Farms in East Lothian, said: “This is a fantastic project and could make a big difference to the lives of people in communities across East Lothian.

“The NHS does a fantastic job, but with Covid-19 taking up so many resources, extra support from outside the health service can be needed, which is one of the reasons our Covid-19 crisis fund was set up for.

“The Harbours Medical Practice, and other GP practices, provide a hugely valued service in the region and we’re really pleased to be able to help support the Scale Up BP project.

“We know the £1,500 we’ve provided to is going to make a difference right where it’s needed.”

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