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Safety equipment for the Dunbar Sea Cadets

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The Dunbar Sea Cadets is a charitable organisation which has helped local children to grow and flourish in a safe environment for over 52 years. They teach the values of teamwork, loyalty and confidence through outdoor activities such as sailing, rowing and kayaking. Children from 10-12 years of age and teenagers from 13-18 are supported by dedicated Sea Cadet units in Dunbar.

Above all else, the safety of the cadets is paramount. With this community benefit funding from Community Windpower, the Dunbar Sea Cadets can now provide enough safety equipment to protect every new cadet and volunteer, as their membership has recently doubled to 60.

It is clear that local children are very excited to spend time outdoors this summer, after two years of disrupted social activities and events. The funding provided will ensure that all members and volunteers can enjoy outdoor watersports activities this summer.

The new equipment includes helmets, wetsuits, and ‘spray’ clothes which protect an individual from rain and wind. These safety measures are essential for watersports activities, ensuring that both the sea cadets and their volunteer instructors can learn safely and securely on the water or on land. In a changing world, the Dunbar Sea Cadet units provide a stable and enjoyable environment for children of all backgrounds and abilities.

Diane Wood, Community Benefits Director at Community Windpower, said: “Organisations like this are essential to the well-being and growth of children and young people. Learning doesn’t always have to be in the classroom, and the sea cadets in Dunbar can learn so much from doing activities and sports in a team which also furthers their personal development.

The purchasing of this safety equipment is vital to ensure that new and existing cadets or volunteers can enjoy activities on the water. We are very happy to support the Dunbar Sea Cadets in this manner, and we really look forward to hearing about the tasks and exercises which the cadets take part in in the coming summer months.”


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