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Returning students receive boost from Covid-19 crisis fund

Covid-19 fund North Ayrshire

As pupils in Scotland return to classrooms that some last visited almost six months ago, there’s been significant community support to help children settle back in the classroom.

But, with many facilities now requiring digital technology to help educate pupils during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, many are finding difficulty in obtaining and accessing such technology.

To tackle this potential issue the Parent Council at Garnock Community Campus approached the Covid-19 crisis fund run by Community Windpower and Dalry Parish Boundary Trust, for help.

The fund was set up in March to help ease the burden faced by many people in North Ayrshire, and will be used by the Parent Council to provide digital equipment to help support young people as they return to school.

The £2,000 grant to provide help to pupils, who might not have constant access to fit-for-purpose IT equipment or have to share a device between multiple household members, was quickly approved by Dalry Parish Boundary Trust and Community Windpower.

Regardless of whether the pupils are to return full time or to a blended learning format, the digital devices will allow them all to stay connected and access online learning resources as they enter the ‘recovery stage’ of their education.

The Parent Council has been successful in raising funds this year, and previous years, despite the opportunities to raise funds being reduced this year due to the pandemic.

It has given £3,200 to the school for various purposes, donated £1,320 to charity and will also provide fund-raised money to help purchase additional IT devices, alongside the £2,000 grant.

The specification of device that will be purchased will allow the young people to access apps and online learning platforms used by the school such as Show My Homework, GLOW and Google Classroom as well using the internet to research for projects.

Diane Wood, community benefits director at Community Windpower, which operates the Millour Hill and Dalry Community Wind Farms in North Ayrshire, said: “It’s so important we support all members of our communities during this Covid-19 pandemic, which is why Dalry Parish Boundary Trust and Community Windpower didn’t hesitate to approve this funding application from Garnock Community Campus’ Parent Council.

“Children will need extra support when returning to what will be a different environment to learn in, and access to viable IT systems for everyone is going to be vital.

“We’ll continue to look at how we can use our Covid-19 crisis fund to help others in need across North Ayrshire.”

For more information on the North Ayrshire Covid-19 crisis fund, managed by the Dalry Parish Boundary Trust, contact John Smith at the Dalry Parish Boundary Trust on 07768 017 864 or email

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