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RenewableUK warns onshore wind approvals must double to reach climate goals

RenewableUK have published figures which reveal a healthy pipeline of projects, but also warns slow approval processes are impeding onshore wind sector’s growth.

In their opening statement, the trade body suggests that the rate that these onshore wind projects are being consented is less than half of what it should be to reach the UK's climate targets. Their figures reveal that about 600MW of onshore wind projects are being given the go ahead annually in the UK. This is more than recent years, but still only roughly half of the 1,250 MW needed each year, to meet the 35GW by 2035 target recommended by the Climate Change Committee.

Following the end of the ban that stopped onshore renewable projects operating, the number of projects that are in the “planning pipeline” have grown exponentially. RenewableUK has calculated that if every project in the pipeline was given the green light, the UK would double its operational onshore wind capacity by the end of the decade, growing from 13.9GW today to 30GW by 2030.

RenewableUK CEO Dan McGrail urged the government to overhaul the clean energy planning system to ramp up levels of onshore wind deployment, pointing out that the Net Zero Strategy published this week called for more onshore wind to be installed in the 2020s.

Further to these figures, RenewableUK has estimated that by doubling onshore wind capacity consumer bills would fall by £16.3bn over the course of the decade, which would shave roughly £25 off each annual household energy bill. This is particularly important now, as many of us are experiencing rises in household energy bills.

The full news article can be found here.

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