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Pupils from St. Palladius Primary clown around in their Circus Skills session! 8th July 2016


P1/2 pupils from St. Palladius have been learning about the Circus for their IDL topic this term, and what better way to get a fuller understanding of the topic than to try it out for themselves!

The children were given several pieces of equipment to try out, including: the Diablo, plate spinning, stilts, juggling, the ‘earth ball’ and even ‘jumping through a flaming hoop’!

P1/2 teacher Natasha Ross said that “the children loved every minute of this visit and it was a rare opportunity where the infants had something arranged that was just for them and suited to their learning and stage”.

CWL were delighted to fund this opportunity, and would like to thank Barry West for the Circus Skills sessions which the children all greatly enjoyed.

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