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Poll finds that 79% of voters want consensus on maximising clean investments

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With a UK General Election looming next month, new polling commissioned by RenewableUK has revealed overwhelming public support for political parties to find a consensus on maximising clean energy investments. Polling of over 10,000 voters (by Opinium) shows that 86% of Labour supporters and 81% of Conservative voters support a consensus on maximising investments in clean, renewable technologies.

By maximising investments in clean energy, we will achieve net zero emissions whilst also bolstering our energy security. In their manifesto, the Labour Party promise to take control of our energy system by launching Great British Energy, part of their Green Prosperity Plan. The plan aims to deliver 650,000 jobs in the sector.

By contrast, the Conservative Party aim to decarbonise our electricity grid by 2035, yet remain steadfast on blocking onshore wind in England, rendering this target difficult if not impossible to achieve. Recently, the Climate Change Committee have also cast doubt on the delivery of emissions reductions under the Conservatives.

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