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Planning Application submitted for Sanquhar II Community Wind Farm 21st March 2019


Community Windpower Ltd are delighted to announce that a planning application for a 350 Megawatts (MW), 50 turbine extension to our operational Sanquhar Community Wind Farm has been submitted to The Scottish Government’s Energy Consents Unit.

It is anticipated that Sanquhar II will be able to power over 364,000 every year with clean renewable energy. In addition to this, a significant 22.2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide will be displaced over the 35 year operational life of the wind farm rather than using coal and gas power stations.

We have already invested significantly in the local area through our operational Sanquhar Community Wind Farm. This funding is distributed by the Upper Nithsdale Community Trust (UNCT) and used to support local community groups, organisations and individuals who have applied to the Trust. Sanquhar II Community Wind Farm will build on this by working with local communities to develop community assets.

A significant initial investment of around £380 million would be required to develop and construct this wind farm and employing 200 civil and electrical engineers. The provision of 4 permanent jobs, contracts with local contractors and sub-contractors during the construction phase, will deliver a significant and positive financial boost to the area.

We have a ‘Buy Scottish’ policy supporting the onshore wind Scottish supply chain. Steel turbine towers are manufactured by CS Wind in Campbelltown and we use Scottish Civil and Electrical Contractors to connect the windfarm to the Grid.

Over the 35 year operational life of Sanquhar II, £630 million will be invested into the local and Scottish economy. This includes funding for community benefits, creation of at least four permanent jobs, business rates, general site maintenance, operational and maintenance of the turbines and grid connections costs.

For example, an excess of £4 million would be invested annually through business rates to Dumfries & Galloway and East Ayrshire councils. This equates to over £150 million during the operational lifespan of the wind farm; a significant investment which the councils can use to support vital local services and facilities, in turn helping to improve education, employment and the local authority areas.

The Sanquhar II Community Wind Farm planning application (Ref: ECU00001801) and all associated documents can be viewed on Energy Consents Unit’s online planning website with hard copies available for viewing at libraries in Sanquhar, Kirkconnel, Thornhill, Cumnock, and New Cumnock Townhall and the Scottish Government Library.

For more information, visit our dedicated project website

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