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Planning Application submitted for Blackshaw Community Wind Farm - 1st May 2015


Community Windpower Ltd (CWL) is delighted to announce that a planning application for Blackshaw Community Wind Farm has been submitted to North Ayrshire Council. This exciting renewable energy project comprises of 6 turbines and will generate around 21 Megawatts (MW) to the local electricity network.

 The Blackshaw proposal, situated approximately 2 kilometres (km) east of West Kilbride, in North Ayrshire, lies directly north of the existing Ardrossan Wind Farm.

 CWL’s long standing economic commitment to Scotland will be reinforced with this proposed wind farm as it will generate significant initial inward investment of around £24 million for the construction of the scheme. This will be further enhanced by an annual investment of £1 million into the local area through the payment of Council rates, rents, maintenance and servicing of the wind farm and Community Benefits. This equates to a total investment of over £50 million throughout the operational life of the wind farm.

 During the construction phase of the project it is expected that over 100 construction and electrical engineering workers would be employed on site, with additional jobs being created during that time. The wind farm would further employ 2 skilled engineers once operational to run and maintain the facility.

 Local and regional companies will be invited to tender for the construction of the wind farm and CWL will hold ‘Meet the Buyer’ events where these companies will be invited to learn about the project and the potential for supplying their products and services for the construction of the wind farm. Associated employment opportunities will also be made available for local people, through contracts for work such as fencing, tree felling, road improvements and surfacing and local plant hire. It has been found that £7,500 per MW is spent locally on services, including accommodation and food, during the construction period of a wind farm. For Blackshaw this would mean that over £157,000 would be spent locally.

CWL operate a ‘Buy Scottish’ programme which places a strong emphasis on employment in Scotland. This has recently been reinforced with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with Wind Towers (Scotland) Ltd, agreeing that the steel wind turbine towers for our projects are supplied from their steel tower fabrication plant in Campbeltown. This plant provided the towers for our first scheme in North Ayrshire at Dalry and is supplying the towers for the forthcoming Millour Hill Extension project due in September.

 In terms of community benefits, local ‘host’ communities will receive over £2.6m over the 25 year planning and operational lifetime of the wind farm. This is based on a £5,000 per Megawatt of installed capacity payment made each year, which will provide an environmental legacy fund for these communities to benefit.

 Blackshaw is expected to produce around 55,188 Megawatt hours (MWh) per annum, enough electricity to power around 13,165 homes each year based on a capacity factor of 30%. The wind farm would displace around 23,730 tonnes of carbon dioxide over its 25 year operational life and would also significantly contribute towards the Scottish Government’s target of 100% of their energy to be generated by renewable sources by 2020.

 Hard copies of all the documents associated with the planning application are available for viewing at West Kilbride Library, Dalry Library, Fairlie Library and Millport Library and at the North Ayrshire Council Offices in Irvine.




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