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Pennypit Trust receives grant to provide vital service

Pennypit Trust

The Pennypit Community Development Trust project has operated for over 25 years and offers a wide variety of services to a number of individuals and groups in Prestonpans and the surrounding areas.

Its vision is to to improve health and well-being through sport, community development, nutrition, family engagement and volunteer development.

One project the Trust offers is a befriending service to the elderly and socially isolated, but Covid-19 guidelines has meant the way this is delivered has had to change and it required additional resources.

But, this needed additional funding which led to a grant application for £2,500 being submitted to Community Windpower and BeGreen Dunbar’s Covid-19 crisis fund.

This was quickly approved and enabled the Pennypit Community Development Trust to purchase colouring books, bingo cards and other materials to ensure the elderly and socially isolated have the resources to help keep them entertained at home.

The befriending service has incorporated digital elements to the elderly and isolated in the community and has been a lifeline for this group of people.

It has helped increase the elderly’s participation in the community and opened them up to new experiences socially in the local areas.

Indeed, this has helped them be more independent and take part in digitally interactive, including online bingo and quizzes.

This all wouldn’t have been possible without financial support through grants, in this case from Community Windpower and BeGreen Dunbar’s Covid-19 crisis fund.

Diane Wood, community benefits director at Community Windpower, which operates the Aikengall Community Wind Farms in East Lothian, said: “Pennypit Community Development Trust is inclusive to all members of the community with a key focus on tackling poverty and reducing inequalities.

“Loneliness and isolation are things that no one should feel in our society and we’re really pleased to be supporting the fantastic befriending service by the Trust.

“Elderly people are least likely to use digital resources, but the work the Trust has done to help them to utilise digital equipment to enjoy chatting to friends, making new friends and having fun, is something we had to support.”

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