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P7 Students from Dalry Primary School Visit The Science Centre, Glasgow - 18th March

Science Centre

Pete Boustead, the Educational Ranger at BeGreen Dalry, accompanied a group of P7 students from Dalry Primary School to the Science Centre in Glasgow. The students have been studying the Human Body throughout the winter term and so this trip was a fantastic way to support their learning.

The Science Centre creates an interactive experience that engages children and adults alike in all areas of science and technology. The pupils from Dalry PS focused on the body and explored the hands-on ‘BodyWorks’ exhibition that shows how the body works and how we should look after it.

They also attended a ‘Blood, Bile and Body Bits’ Show that demonstrates the workings of the human digestive and circulatory systems. The show was full of gore and gruesomeness, which was well received by the students.

Dalry PS have thanked Community Windpower Ltd for funding this school trip and Community Windpower are delighted to continue our support for the school and expanding the education of their pupils.

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