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New tree planting up at Wardlaw Wood Wind Farm - 7th April

Tree planting

Community Windpower have given the go ahead to Eadha Enterprises to create a new community woodland at our Wardlaw Wood Wind Farm, near to Dalry.

A 7 hectare site comprising a conifer clearfell area has been earmarked for establishment of a native woodland. Eadha has designed a scheme which will not only enhance the landscape and provide new wildlife habitat but also potentially provide a future economic resource for the local community in the form of biomass.

Lying at an altitude of 290m above sea level, and being fully exposed to the prevailing southwesterlies, the woodland will act a test bed for upland biomass production and provide a useful comparison of aspen relative to other native species in challenging conditions.

We are keen for this woodland to become a genuine community resource, offering the potential for future community management and sustainable use, including the harvesting of woodfuel.


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