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New PM Boris Johnson urged to prioritise climate emergency


The latest report from the Committee on Climate Change was concerning. The UK is not on track to meet current carbon budgets, and sadly these budgets no longer ambitious enough to ensure the UK meets net zero emissions targets. It will be an important job for the newly elected PM Boris Johnson to ensure the climate emergency does not get overshadowed by securing a Brexit deal. Johnson needs to find a way in which to integrate this climate challenge into policy, to demonstrate there is still a focus on ‘net zero’ beyond Brexit.

Despite Theresa May laying the foundations and committing the UK to net-zero emissions by 2050, there is still uncertainty around the details in how this target will be met. Environmental groups have questioned part of the current plan relying on international carbon credits which will result in increased strain on developing countries. However, despite this Johnson showed continuous support for the campaign for onshore power and hopefully this will continue through his role as PM. Yet, the newly formed Government will need to take action on existing plans and strategies to provide support for innovative renewable technologies such as onshore wind.

Onshore wind power currently provides 13GW of renewable power to the UK Grid. Analysis undertaken by Vivid Economics suggests growth to 35GW by 2035 would reduce the cost of electricity by 7%. Looking to the future, onshore wind is expected to be cheaper than fossil fuels as a result of decreasing turbine technology costs and rising costs associated with carbon emissions. As of 2018, onshore wind rose 4.6% and continues to rise. Scotland hopes to meet its national target of 100% renewable electricity generation by 2020, with onshore wind power playing a very significant role. It is therefore important that the new UK Government make renewable production a top priority to help combat climate change.

It is imperative for the UK to act now to be able to meet its net-zero ambitions, and to be a front-runner in the fight against climate change.



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