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New fabrics for Dunbar Sewing Group

Project Linus

Dunbar Sewing Group work in association with Project Linus UK, a foundation which organises the distribution of comfort blankets to children with terminal illnesses, children who have suffered recent bereavements, and children from disadvantaged communities who are ‘in need of a hug’.

Children from birth to age 18 are eligible to receive one of these warm, comforting blankets. The volunteers at the sewing group craft patchwork quilts for Project Linus, and they also distribute blankets to hospices, homeless charities, Edinburgh Sick Kids, and Women’s Aid.

Despite giving up their time for free as volunteers, Dunbar Sewing Group approached BeGreen Dunbar to facilitate the donation of £500 from Community Windpower’s community benefits fund. This money funded the purchasing of soft cotton fabric and warm fleece material to craft the next batches of patchwork quilts.

The sewing group are environmentally conscious and seek to use recycled fabrics where possible. So far this year, Project Linus UK have donated over 19,000 blankets to children in need; Dunbar Sewing Group have operated for 8 years as a key cog in this nationwide crafting network.

Anouska Woods, Community Coordinator at BeGreen Dunbar, said: “This grant can help support the amazing work done by the Dunbar Sewing Group, and by the wider Linus Project UK. The soft quilts have been proven to improve the happiness and mental wellbeing of those who receive them.

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