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New BeGreen Energy Assessor appointed


As a result of the current global energy crisis, Community Windpower’s (CWL) BeGreen Energy Advice Centre has seen a 300% increase in the number of household energy assessment enquiries and associated home improvement grant enquiries.

This highlights the impact of the current situation and the concerns of homeowners about increasing energy bills this winter. Homeowners are now more conscious than ever about understanding their home energy efficiency ratings and upgrading homes to save on energy consumption and costs.

To deal with the influx of household assessments and grant enquiries, CWL have appointed a new Energy Assessor, Eldon Woods, to ensure that all enquiries and assessments in our host community in Dunbar are delivered.

It is estimated that almost 15 million homes across the UK need loft or cavity wall insulation upgrades amongst other energy efficiency improvements. The government have pledged £1.5 billion to improve energy efficiency and slash energy bills for around 130,000 low-income households.

Despite this, CWL are taking direct action to support those in our host communities. For more information of how to apply for a household energy assessment visit - - or pop into our Energy Advice Centre to speak to Eldon yourself located at No. 55 High Street, Dunbar. 

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