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'Neigh' bother for horses up at Aikengall


On the 10th of April, around 30 horses and their riders took part in a 20km route through Community Windpower’s Aikengall Wind Farm array.  This event was supported by Community Windpower with Robb Lynch, Operations Supervisor for Community Windpower, helping to marshall the event.

Robb said: “We are pleased to have this wonderful event at our Aikengall array and it is a great example of how we are always happy to help with local activities”.

Horses can be sensitive to noise and quick or sudden movements which can result in horses being spooked and becoming distressed or jumpy. Therefore, it is often claimed that horses and wind farms do not mix due to the moving blades of the turbines and the potential for noise.

However, this successful group equestrian event goes to show that wind farms and horses can actually co-exist and have a positive steady relationship without the horses being spooked. The horses on the day remained calm, even when in close proximity to a wind turbine, and kept themselves and their riders safe.

Following the success of this horse trek, it hopefully showcases that future equestrian events can be held in nearby proximity to wind farms and that horses living near to wind turbines will not be disturbed by their presence.


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