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#MoreRenewablesToday Campaign


Despite the renewable energy sector broadly welcoming the new ambitions and policies set out in the Energy Security Strategy, many of these plans will benefit consumers in the long-term.

However, there is a need to cut bills in the short-term and in response RenewableUK yesterday launched its #MoreRenewablesToday campaign, calling on the UK government to grasp the opportunity to maximise investment into wind, solar and tidal energy through the next power auction (CfD AR4).

The campaign aims to bring together RenewableUK members, supportive stakeholders, and MPs who all support revising the auction parameters to unlock more projects and investment.

This will lead to lower energy bills for the consumers, increase the UK’s energy security, create thousands of jobs across the UK and help the UK meet its ambitious climate targets.

The idea is to switch the UK’s reliance on expensive gas to home-grown clean energy meaning there is a need to build as much renewable capacity as quickly as possible.

There are currently 3.9GW of onshore (8GW of offshore) wind and 4GW of solar sites which are ‘shovel ready’ (have planning approval). The government has a huge decision to make on how many of these projects will be given the green light in a few weeks’ time.

Government contracts benefit bill payers more because they reduce risk and costs of a wind farm. The UK Government’s Contracts for Difference scheme guarantees an agreed price over 15 years, lowering the costs of the projects and ultimately lowering the energy costs for consumers.

Rod Wood, Managing Director of Community Windpower, said: “We stand with RenewableUK and their campaign for more renewables today.

“Since the government set out its initial ambitions for the upcoming clean power auction, consumer bills have risen drastically and the British Energy Security Strategy has set targets of 95% low carbon power by 2030.

“In order to meet these targets and maximise the UK’s energy security, decrease energy bills for bill payers and to invest into the green industry we must take the opportunity to unlock more renewable energy at the next power auction”.

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