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Millie Medland - Policy Intern at Community Windpower


Millie Medland - Policy Intern at Community Windpower

After completing a degree in International Relations at the University of Exeter this July, I decided that securing some work experience was a logical next step. The whole team at Community Windpower have been incredibly welcoming and, only four weeks in, I have learnt a huge amount about the renewable energy industry and the onshore wind sector.

Every day that I have experienced at Community Windpower has been challenging and varied. A particular interest of mine is the field of public policy, and as a part of my internship I have been producing summary documents of the latest energy and planning policy reforms, such as the Draft National Planning Framework 4 and the Draft Scottish Onshore Wind Policy. Attached to these reforms are public consultations which Community Windpower often respond to, and I have also been attending meetings about those consultations. From planning considerations, environmental impact assessments and financial and legal agreements, there are always things to learn and research about.

The processes of scoping out a site for a new potential wind farm and formulating a planning application for it are very detailed, and everyone at Community Windpower contributes their personal expertise and knowledge. Even as an individual with no prior experience in the renewables industry, I have felt included in the discussions and every team member has ensured that I am getting as much out of my internship as possible. It has been amazing to see the varying academic backgrounds of the team; some come from a mathematical background, some from a geography background, and some from entirely different careers altogether. I have also been inspired by the charitable and educational work done by Community Windpower, which makes tangible changes to the communities surrounding the wind farms.

As I am becoming more familiar with industry-relevant acronyms, and the current changes which are happening to the onshore wind sector and the electricity markets, I am excited to see what else I can get involved with in the new year!

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