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Memorandum of Understanding with Sanquhar Primary School - 6th July 2016

Sanquhar Primary

Community Windpower are delighted to announce that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Sanquhar Primary School which confirms our commitment to work with Sanquhar Primary School for the long term life of our wind farms in the local community.

Community Windpower are committed to developing close working relationships with local communities and local schools, offering our consented Sanquhar Community Wind Farm and Sanquhar ‘Six’ Community Wind Farm as a local resource which people will see as a local asset. The educational support we provide to the local schools is part of an ongoing commitment to our host communities and is part of the company’s overall ethos.

Staff from Community Windpower have been providing educational presentations and interactive workshops on a Renewable Energy, Climate Change, Sustainability and Waste Awareness to all age groups for a number of years and are delighted that the MoU is now in place with Sanquhar Primary.

This builds upon our MoU and working partnership already in place with Sanquhar Academy where we support their National 5 Skills for Work: Energy Course. Educational presentations are provided as part of the course, as well as the provision of stationary and funding to purchase interactive wind turbine kits for the students.

Community Windpower are also hoping to secure a working partnership and MoU with Kelloholm Primary School in the coming months.

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