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Looking back on the Galloway Country Fair 2023

Galloway Fair

As main sponsor of the Galloway Country Fair, held at Drumlanrig Castle on the 12th-13th August 2023, the CWL marquee was an important place of engagement and education to those who visited us. Alongside other striking acts such as stunt biker ‘Flyin Ryan’, horseback acrobats ‘Riders of the Storm’, and a thrilling Lamb National, we showcased our commitment to the host communities of our operational wind farms, and the communities which may become hosts in the future.

Informing attendees of our Scoop Hill Community Wind Farm Additional Information submission was a particular focus, as this proposed development will be situated in Dumfries and Galloway. Originally submitted as a 75-turbine scheme, Scoop Hill Community Wind Farm will now comprise of 60 turbines and a battery storage facility. The scheme will generate 432MW of green electricity per year, offsetting over 29 million tonnes of CO2 over its 40-year operational lifetime. Furthermore, the proposed development will provide an annual community benefit fund of £2.16 million a year!

Overall, the weekend was incredibly enjoyable. Alongside local businesses, crafters, and food stalls, we connected with people from local communities and educated them about the multitude of benefits which renewable energy can bring.

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