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Learning Through Football with Community Windpower

Pete teaching

The Scottish Football Association’s (SFA) Learning Through Football campaign continued this week as Primary 5 classes from 7 primary schools attended a 2-day interactive workshop at Kilwinning Sports Club. The focus was on sustainability and how football clubs are working towards sustainability alongside the local residents.

Climate change is a subject that schools are increasingly keen to explore, and it is important that pupils learn about global warming and sustainability as early as possible to ensure they are aware of current global challenges. Therefore, the opportunity to attend Kilwinning Sports Club for an interactive session outside the classroom was the perfect opportunity for the pupils to witness how sports clubs are operating sustainably.  Kilwinning Sports Club is in a unique position of having their own on-site wind turbine which allowed the pupils to witness onshore wind renewable energy production.

One of the workshops included a presentation from Community Windpower that focused on the eco-benefits of wind turbines, delivered by CWL’s Educational Ranger Pete Boustead. This was followed by a quiz based on sustainability before ending in a fun football session for all. Ranger Pete, of Community Windpower said, “It was fantastic to deliver an engaging presentation on the benefits of onshore wind in an environment outside of the classroom and in such close proximity to an actual wind turbine.”

The Learning Through Football campaign helps consolidate the link between learning at school and their local football club and the 2 days at Kilwinning have demonstrated how productive and beneficial this type of learning experience can be, and the broad range of topics that can be accessed.

Based on feedback, the trial event was an enormous success with both pupils and staff having been inspired to learn more about what football can do to support sustainability in local communities.

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