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Kitting out the West Kilbride Primary Athletics Club

West Kilbride

A central part of being in a sports team is wearing your team’s kit with pride and honour. For the Athletics Club at West Kilbride Primary School, the team were sharing the available running vests, with the team members and parents eager for suitable kit for each student.

After hearing about the support which Community Windpower (CWL) and BeGreen Dalry provides in the communities around their North Ayrshire wind farms, the coach of the school athletics club got in touch. In no time at all, 25 running shirts, 25 hoodies, and 25 warm winter jackets were purchased and emblazoned with the school’s crest.

With the matching kit, which will keep them all warm during the wintery cross country events, we hope the team continues to triumph! West Kilbride competes frequently in events such as the KA Leisure Cross-Country League and the North Ayrshire Athletics Competition. Every step of the way, we’ll be cheering you on!

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