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Keeping our wind farms producing clean, green energy for the National Grid

A Community Windpower engineer on a wind farm

While most of the country is in a lockdown, we have a small number of people continuing the hard work of ensure our wind farms continue to produce clean, green energy for everyone to use.

This could be at home, charging electric vehicles or for the NHS to power medical provisions.

We have two engineers who make regular trips to our seven wind farms – a lonely life for some, but not for our engineers.

This picture was taken at turbine five at Sanquhar Community Wind Farm.

Our engineer Tam was on site carrying out an inspection of the bases of all turbines.

During this inspection he also checks the roads, substations, drainage, hardstands of turbines and listens to the turbines for any unusual noises.

While the wind blows, the turbines will turn creating clean, green energy, and our colleagues will be around to ensure we maximise this natural resource.

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