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BeGreen Dunbar granted Dunbar Primary Parent Council £820 towards supporting the annual school fair which took place on Saturday, May 21st 2022. This fair marks the return of the annual event after a three year absence due to the Covid pandemic.

The annual fair is a special event that brings parents, teachers, and pupils together in a relaxed outdoor environment. Dunbar Primary School is a fundamental part of the local community, and this year will be particularly important as it is the first occasion in 3 years where the school and local community can be reunited. The fair provides the opportunity for families and school staff to develop strong relationships and provides a fantastic opportunity to raise funds for the school

Dunbar Primary School has approximately 1200 pupils in attendance, and this is expected to increase. Therefore, fresh stock and equipment is always required. The fair is intended to raise money for Dunbar Primary School with proceeds this year going towards increasing the library book collection that caters for older and younger children. Studies have linked reading skills by the age of 11 to better qualifications, employment opportunities and health and wellbeing in adulthood which highlights the importance of raising funds to enable Dunbar Primary to have a large and diverse book selection.

The £820 grant will go towards hiring a climbing wall, which is a hugely popular activity that many pupils have missed during the past 3 years. By providing the grant money, the cost for partaking in this activity will be significantly reduced which can be crucial for families that may be struggling during the cost of living crisis. The grant will also go towards providing prizes for numerous competitions including Beat the Goalie and Design a Parachute.

Chair of the Dunbar Primary School Parents Council said, “It is fantastic to see the return of the annual school fair and we would like to say an enormous thank you to BeGreen Dunbar and Community Windpower for their donation that has helped bring back many popular activities for this year’s event.”

Anouska Woods, Community Coordinator at BeGreen Dunbar, said: “I am delighted that we could support Dunbar Primary School with the return of the annual school fair after a three year absence.

“It is excellent to see the pupils being able to socialise and families coming together once again after two tough years of restrictions”.

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