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Irvine Valley Regeneration Partnership - 9th March

CWL are proud to have donated £500 towards the Irvine Valley Regeneration Partnership for their Annual Walking and Outdoor Festival which takes place on the 13th to the 15th May. This is the 6th year CWL have funded the festival and we are proud to continue supporting this wonderful event.

The Walking Festival has now become a permanent fixture in the Irvine Valley Events Calendar and, to enable it to continue, we need sponsors to help fund our brochure, transport and hall costs, insurance and hospitality. Unlike many other Walking Festivals, we choose not to charge for our walks.  Instead, we are firmly committed to opening up the Festival to all age groups and abilities by promoting healthy living and providing an opportunity to meet other walkers and foster new friendships.

The aim of the Walking Festival is to:

  • offer walks which appeal to both first time and seasoned walkers,
  • encourage local walkers to try out new walks in the area;
  • attract walkers from outwith the Irvine Valley and promote the area as a centre for walking broaden the appeal of the Festival by offering other outdoor events during the WalkFest weekend.

For more information on the event please see their Facebook Page which can be found here

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