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Irvine Community Sports Club benefits joint Covid-19 crisis fund

Covid-19 fund North Ayrshire

Irvine Community Sports Club is a community sporting charity covering Irvine and the wider North Ayrshire Community.

It applied to Community Windpower and the Dalry Parish Boundary Trust’s joint Covid-19 crisis fund for support, to help one of the club’s own projects which provides a wide range of assistance to local people during this pandemic.

Irvine Community Sports Club ‘digital assistance’ project provides shopping, prescription collection, dog walking, online fitness classes, befriending services, welfare rights advice, IT information training and fitness advice and services to the people living in Irvine and wider North Ayrshire region.

The aim is to extend this service to include telephone befriending and telephone assistance services on a wider scale as at present, due to working predominantly online, this limits the availability to those who are able to utilise digital media to connect with the club.

Thanks to the £2,500 from Community Windpower and the Dalry Parish Boundary Trust’s joint Covid-19 crisis fund, the Irvine Community Sports Club will be use this to extend the provision of digital skills training and allow for the upskilling of those vulnerable within the community to gain skills to connect online with services and activities online.

Part of the fund will also be used to purchase equipment, including weights and skipping ropes, for home delivery to members so they can gain fitness, which would enable members of the public to gain further fitness from the club’s project with online videos and skills provided by our team.

Diane Wood, community benefits director at Community Windpower, which operates the Millour Hill and Dalry Community Wind Farms in North Ayrshire, said: “It’s fantastic that the Irvine Community Sports Club is providing such a varied and supportive project to people living in North Ayrshire.

“With so many activities and support readily available online, the club is going to help those who are currently not online or perhaps unsure of getting online, to learn new skills and access vital support.

“This may simple be having video calls with friends and family, keeping fit or providing detailed support to those in the community who can’t venture outside.

“That’s why, together with the Dalry Parish Boundary Trust, we quickly approved the grant application.

“We hope the support and any equipment provided through our funding will help make a difference to the lives of the residents and their families, in this difficult time.”

For more information on the North Ayrshire Covid-19 crisis fund, managed by the Dalry Parish Boundary Trust, applications should contact John Smith at the Dalry Parish Boundary Trust on 07768 017 864 or email

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