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IPCC Report calls for Greater Renewable Energy Development 9th October


The report issued by the Intergovernmental panel on Climate Change (IPCC) yesterday highlighted new findings which indicate that current global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are not enough to meet the 2015 Paris Agreement, which aims to keep global average temperature rise under 1.5oC by the end of the century. The target is still achievable, but this is becoming increasingly more difficult as new estimates indicate a minimum 1.4oC rise in temperatures and potential increase of nearly 6oC. To stay under the 1.5oC target, greenhouse gas emissions (specifically CO2) need to be reduced to 1990 levels within the next 30 years. The report states that within the next decade, renewable energies need to surpass the use of fossil fuels for electricity generation and that larger scale projects can help path the way for a cleaner planet.

Within the report, a study was conducted into the current and future use of renewable energies and found that wind energy is leading the way, with 25% annual growth since 2000. With technical feasibility, political and economic access to wind energy all improving further in the last few years. By 2050, the renewable energies sector will likely contribute for >75% of all energy generated globally with a global investment of near 1 trillion USD per year. CWL are in a great position moving forward as one of biggest producers of wind energy in the UK and one of Europe’s fastest growing companies. CWL are delighted to be leading the way to a cleaner future.

CWL are proud to be part of the solution in combatting climate change, with our seven operational wind farms in Scotland totalling 220 MW, with an additional 140MW of consented wind farms due to be constructed. We look forward to advancing our project portfolio to reduce reliance on fossil fuels. For more information on our operational, consented and proposed projects, please see here.

More information on this latest report from the IPCC can be found at

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