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Interactive virtual school trip launched for young explorers!

Netsle VST

Nestlé UK & Ireland (Nestle), in partnership with Community Windpower Ltd and First Milk are excited to launch a free, interactive virtual school trip platform created for KS2 pupils.

The trip gives young explorers the opportunity to explore our Sanquhar Community Wind Farm, a Cumbrian dairy farm and the Nestlé Dalston factory near Carlisle, Cumbria.

School trips have not been on the timetable for many children across the UK and Ireland for the last two academic years. The virtual school trip platform is a no cost series of virtual tours, interactive videos, quizzes, and games aimed at children aged 7 – 12 years old.

The guided tours are hosted by children’s TV presenter Rhys Stevenson of CBBC and provide the chance for pupils to see the inner workings of our Sanquhar Community Wind Farm, which powers all three sites with green electricity. The children will also see inside a cow milking parlour, inside the Nestlé factory, and how coffee is roasted from bean to cup, without leaving their classroom or home.

The content is relayed in a child-friendly and engaging manner and presenter Rhys explains how the three locations are working collaboratively to improve sustainability practices, reducing CO2 emissions, and preserving local habitats. A recent survey by Phunky Foods found all three topics are of key interest to children.

The three interactive sessions are 15 – 20 minutes long and can be easily projected into a classroom, or completed on a computer, laptop, or tablet. As the children progress through the platform, they can collect stickers, which produces a certificate at the end.

Rod Wood, Managing Director at Community Windpower Limited, said:

“At Community Windpower we work with primary and secondary school children as well as university students across the country.

“School trips are an essential part of learning and we are delighted to be part of Nestlé’s virtual school trip.

“The trip provides an excellent opportunity to stimulate children’s sense of adventure and encourages kids to talk about sustainability, biodiversity and learn about where their food comes from.

“We are excited to virtually welcome children, teachers and parents across the country to visit our Sanquhar Community Wind Farm and learn about how green electricity generation is the future of our energy system”.

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