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Inspiring the future workforce of Dumfries and Galloway


In collaboration with Developing the Young Workforce Dumfries and Galloway (DYW D&G), representatives from Community Windpower (CWL) took part in a Work Ready Day at Moffat Academy, which involved giving presentations to the S3 year group to educate them about careers in the renewable energy industry.

It was a jam-packed event for the students, who viewed multiple presentations from industry leaders, colleges, and organisations. CWL’s presentation was delivered by two members of their in-house Project Development Team, who collaborate on all elements of the wind farm development process. It began with a quick interactive task: the students were given laminated cards, each one showing a unique part of the planning and construction process of a wind farm. When ordered correctly, the cards showed the timeline of a wind farm from site feasibility, all the way through to final checks and electricity generation.

The presentation showed the students a breakdown of CWL’s project portfolio: 8 wind farms spread across East and West Scotland, which total 305MW, and a pipeline of future projects which reaches over 1.2GW. The students were then shown a summary of the role of our Senior On-Site Operations Manager, Thomas Downie. A central part of his job revolves around making sure the turbines are safe and operating efficiently. To stay safe on-site, Thomas uses a myriad of harnesses, ropes, and health & safety equipment. Using informative pictures, and an actual safety harness which could be worn on-site, the students came to understand that technicians are completely protected when scaling turbines or moving around on site.

This presentation forms a single instalment of a long-term partnership between CWL and DYW D&G. DYW hold their Work Ready Days every year, with the aim of supporting students with their career discussions and provide inspiration to them to explore new ambitions or careers which they hadn’t previously considered.

Justin Thomas, Programme Manager at Developing the Young Workforce Dumfries & Galloway, said: “Our DYW D&G Work Ready Days are an essential part of our programmes for young people across our region. They are designed to introduce young people to businesses and sectors in a fun, interactive way and inspire them to go away wanting to know more. Having Community Windpower involved in several of our days, illustrating themselves and the opportunities in the sector, is fantastic as the youngsters they are interacting with are all in areas that CWL are operating in and developing long-term ambitions. This means that some of these young people will now have been made aware of the sector, the business and the many opportunities that can and could be on offer to them, which in turn means that some of the youngsters met through these days will end up working for CWL in the next few years.”

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