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Industry experts warn new PM on oil and gas plans


“The imminent winter fuel crisis must be solved by helping households save energy”, experts have urged Liz Truss, as the UK Government outlines plans for licenses for more than 100 potential new oil and gas fields in the North Sea.

In a letter,  authored byClimate Change Committee (CCC) Chairman Lord Deben and Sir John Armitt, Chairman of the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC), to the new Prime Minister, they outline a need to drive forward efforts to improve insultation for households and to give the public advice on low or no-cost ways to save energy. A staggering 15 million UK homes have been highlighted as needing some form of home energy efficiency improvements.

The letter asks Liz Truss to back cheap onshore wind and solar farms, which she criticised in her leadership campaign, as well as heat pumps, to reduce the UK’s reliance on natural gas. Moreover, the letter argues that the UK gas reserves are “too small” to curb consumer bills and that a reliance on imported gas would still be needed.

Current reports show that offshore gas production has risen by 27% since January and plans to increase licenses contradict the advice that we need to “double down on efforts to end our dependencies on gas, to lower consumer energy costs and make meaningful contributions towards combatting climate change”.

The CCC and NIC chairmen warn that gas could stay expensive until 2027, with 90% of the recent increase in the energy price cap driven by gas price rises. The plea is to bolster the UK’s energy security by reducing the UK’s exposure to volatile fossil fuel prices and to reduce energy waste through boosting domestic production of secure low carbon energy.

A recent study by RenewableUK found overwhelming support, 77% of people surveyed, for new wind and solar projects across the UK to reduce electricity costs.

Community Windpower support the recent letter and are committed to easing the UK’s reliance on fossil fuels with 1.2GW of renewable energy in planning and by helping those in our host communities with home energy improvements through grants for insulation, solar panels, heat pumps and more.

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