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Hinkley Point costs signal Scotland's need for control of energy policy says SNP - 27th July 2018


SNP member Gillian Martin, MSP, has said that the Conservative Party’s energy policy is ‘failing Scotland’

This comes amidst more fears of delays at Hinkley Point, leading to further costs for the already over-budget project. The news of more delays and costs for the nuclear power station comes just one week after the government publicised plans to end feed-in-tariffs for renewables projects from next year.

Gillian Martin, MSP, said “It is a symptom of how confused and misguided Tory energy policy is, cutting support for the clean industries of the future, and continuing to throw money at this project which was racked with problems before it got off the drawing board. The sooner Scotland has full control over energy policy the better – so we can invest wisely in green energy and tackle climate change.”


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