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Helping to make Dalry Station Beautiful


The Dalry Parish Boundary Trust, through Community Windpower, are pleased to announce a £500 grant to the Dalry Station Garden Group. The group’s aim is to provide an attractive and positive environment for all visitors and travellers arriving in Dalry by train.

Dalry Station Garden Group was formed in December 2015, with the ambition of improving the environment of the train station through cultural and heritage works. Furthermore, the group has plans to create a BeeWorld and a Wildflower/Wildlife oasis for native flora and fauna at Dalry train station. The small group, consisting of 5 members, has worked tirelessly to ensure that Dalry train station is as welcoming and pleasant as possible for regular travellers and to attract new visitors while promoting the use of public transport.

The grant will go towards the purchase of new Caledonian Forest Planters, compost and plants. This will help the group with their creation of a wildflower oasis for Dalry train station, which will contribute enormously to creating a pleasant and welcoming environment. Looking forward, the group plans to create a mural for the local railway bridge and commissioning art projects.

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