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Helping children learn about town's history

Dalry Heritage Boards

In Dalry the Bypass Art group is continually busy promoting the town’s local history and heritage.

Two years ago, in October 2018, the group installed a large heritage board at The Cross, which has been a valuable community resource for both locals and visitors alike.

Shortly before the board was ready to install a heritage board preview evening for members of Dalry Parish Boundary Trust took place, during which the trustees suggested that smaller versions might be procured for our local primary schools.

But where would the funds come from to pay for the boards at St Palladius and Dalry Primary Schools?

The Bypass Art group’s Julie Wales said: “The Dalry Parish Boundary Trust thought boards at both schools would add to the pupils’ local knowledge because, in what is a very busy educational curriculum, local history often suffers.

“So it was thought that a board in each of the schools would provide a permanent source of information about Dalry’s history that could be accessed at any time, providing young people with the opportunity to read about their own place at their leisure, or reference the information for use in school projects.

“We thought this was a fantastic suggestion and so, thanks to funding from the Dalry Parish Boundary Trust through the community benefit fund from Community Windpower’s Millour Hill Community Wind Farms, the heritage boards were installed at both local primary schools.

“They look absolutely fantastic and Bypass Art would like to thank both St Palladius and Dalry Primary schools for their cooperation with this project.

“We also thank the Dalry Parish Boundary Trust trustees and their financial backers Community Windpower for their on-going support.”

Diane Wood, community benefits director at Community Windpower, said: “At difficult times like these when Dalry’s, and indeed all Scottish, children are having their natural inclination to interact directly with friends at school and at home curtailed, it is so pleasing to know we’ve been able to help preserve history for future generations to learn.

“The boards will all now help teach young and old, along with visitors to the town, all about the fantastic history of this area, continually promoting history and heritage.”

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