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Growing and gardening with Dunbar Primary School


At Dunbar Primary School’s John Muir Campus, 14 allotment plots have been made available for families to use as an opportunity to get outside and grow plants, flowers and vegetables.

Community Windpower are delighted to be able to cover the cost of purchasing some brand-new gardening equipment, seeds to sow, and also a new shed on the site. Dunbar Primary School already has an established Gardening Club, but our donation will help expand the outdoor facilities and ensure more people can enjoy the calming task of gardening.

After two years of restricted outdoor time, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, spending time in nature with your friends and family has never been more important. The school hopes that this initiative will increase pupil engagement in something new and reduce anxiety levels in the children who have found the pandemic a difficult and turbulent experience.

Anouska Woods, BeGreen Dunbar’s Community Coordinator, recently visited the school and was delighted to speak with some pupils who were already getting stuck in at the allotments.

Anouska said: “Our congratulations go to everyone that organised this excellent outdoor and productive project as we hope it will soon become a hub where locals can relax and encourage a strong community spirit.”

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