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Giving a hedgehog a home!

Hedgehog House

Community Windpower (CWL) recently purchased a hedgehog house for the new St Anthony’s Primary School wildlife space. Pete Boustead, Educational Ranger at Community Windpower and BeGreen Dalry, made the trip to Saltcoats to deliver the house in person.

Previously, Ranger Pete has visited the school to talk to the pupils of St Anthony’s Primary School about the environment, wildlife, and renewables. CWL have previously worked with the school by purchasing a Christmas tree and a new school bin.

Children from different age groups worked together in an Outdoor Learning Council to identify areas that needed improving for outdoor learning and decided that sustainability, biodiversity and learning where their food comes from was important to them. From there St Anthony’s have worked on delivering a school garden allotment and wildlife space.

The hedgehog house will be used in the new school wildlife area, an extension to the school garden and allotment. Through developing the wildlife area, the school has been able to extend classroom activities so that the children can learn more about habitats and caring for the environment around them. The area hosts a bird hide, made from recycled plastic, nest boxes, insect hotels, planters and the new hedgehog house to provide a safe space for a variety of different species.

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of outdoor learning and the new garden, allotment and wildlife space provides children with this opportunity, while adhering to the new Scottish Governments Education COVID-19 Recovery Strategy.

Educational Ranger Pete said “After a tough year for children during the pandemic with various lockdowns we are delighted to be supporting the promotion of outdoor education.

“The garden, allotment and wildlife area are fantastic resources that makes use of outdoor spaces while proving a hands-on approach to learning about the environment, biodiversity and local wildlife.

“We look forward to hearing from the children if the new hedgehog house has any residents and we hope they enjoy learning in the outdoor space”.

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