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Girl Guides thrilled by funding for new multi-purpose classroom - 24th Feb 2015


Community Windpower Ltd is delighted to confirm their commitment to the next stage of the Blair Activity Centre project managed by Girl Guiding Ayrshire North involving financial support from the local wind farm owner.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Girl Guiding Ayrshire North was initially created in February 2014 following a donation from Community Windpower of £6,000 towards their Wigwam Cabins enabling the campsite on the Blair Estate to be fully accessible all year-round. This assistance has enabled them to achieve their social, education and recreational goals with a total of over 2000 people using the site during 2014 with bookings made by Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, Senior Section, Leaders Training, County Fun Days for all sections along with outside bookings from Cubs, Beavers, Scouts, Glasgow Youth Club, Girls Football Club and a College Summer Scheme.

Now this work is complete and fully functional, the Blair Project Committee (comprising of 9 experienced past/current Guide Leaders and Local Business People) are planning to substantially expand the facilities at the site by building a new multi-purpose classroom/activity building at the Blair Campsite, which would accommodate up to 70 people at one time. This building will not only be used as a place for people to shelter during the bad weather but will provide suitable space for all types of activities and even includes toilets and kitchen facilities.

The overall project will cost in the region of £250,000 and Community Windpower are delighted to provide the £100,000 catalyst to kick start the fundraising with match funding being secured from other sources.

As owner and operator of Dalry Community and Millour Hill Community Wind Farms, Community Windpower Ltd are committed to providing community benefit funding to its host communities and currently a total fund of £135,000 is delivered each year.

The Millour Hill Community Wind Farm funding has been allocated to the Dalry Parish Boundary Trust who is responsible for administering this fund to applications from individuals and groups who are from the Dalry Parish. As part of this, when the Millour Hill Wind Farm was initially commissioned in September 2012, Community Windpower pledged £100,000 match funding to Dalry Scouts to enable them to refurbish their Scout Hall which had fallen in to serious disrepair. The Scout Hall Building is no longer open to the public and the Scout Group is currently disbanded. However Community Windpower remains committed to our pledge.

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